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Our Story

As a family of five, we have found that keeping everyone healthy can be quite a challenge at times. When my older two children were younger, all we knew to do when feeling ill was to make a visit to the doctor and get on yet another prescription.  A few years ago, through encountering the right people at the right time, I began desiring to learn more about natural remedies and true health.  I was so tired of my family being sick all of the time and medical bills piling up, despite our attempts at having the best health insurance we could afford.  I was desperate to find another way.  I began an intense pursuit of natural home remedies to have on hand. Much to my surprise, they worked! Yes it took episodes of trial and error, but I can now say my family is the healthiest we’ve ever been, and for that I am so thankful.  It has become apparent to me that nature so beautifully offers a tried and true alternative for keeping my family healthy, day in and day out.  

You see those sweet faces surrounding me? They are my why. 

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, but it is my mission to help as many as I can find daily freedom that optimal health can offer. Thank you for joining me on this mission.  Remember, don’t get overwhelmed by the changes you desire to make.  One daily change equals huge results over time. We are in this together, and I am behind you all the way as we continue to revolutionize what wellness looks like for ourselves and for those we love the most. 





Top Benefits

  • Major Cold & Flu Relief

  • Sinus Infection Aid

  • Lowers Blood Sugar

  • Natural Diuretic

  • Natural Laxative

  • Encourages Healthy Skin

  • Ease Allergies

  • May Improve Heart Health

Daily Hair Spritz

​Our all natural hair spritz for hair strengthening, growth, and thickening is quickly becoming one of our top sellers. 

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(3-4 months later)


Eyes Matter!!

Homemade Lash Growth Serum 

​Healthy lashes are everything! Years of mascara use can wreak havoc on eyelashes. Give your lashes what they need to be strong & healthy, thereby leaving you with long & beautiful lashes, without the harmful chemicals that are found in most popular brands.

Lash Serum_Updated.png

“Y’all seriously!! My kids were passing around the stomach flu for a week (4 days each of non stop pukes with a brand new baby at home ) and after ONE day of dosing up on the elderberry syrup everyone stopped! Zander had just started to get it and it literally stopped it right in its tracks! Even their little viral rashes went away. We have been doing an elderberry syrup we bought from amazon but this stuff is legit. The taste takes a little getting used to but they still all drink it daily. Even our 1 year old!! Can’t wait to see what a difference this will make this cold & flu season- definitely a 5 Star review!!”

-Jordan Ames

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