Our Story

From the beginning, Rowe Casa Organics has been on mission to provide safe, natural, and non-toxic products that you can trust.

In 2017, sisters Jill and Alicia embarked on a mission, seeking greater health and wellness for their families.

Frustrated by the lack of transparency and truly safe, effective options, Jill Rowe took matters into her own hands. She started by making our very first product, Elderberry Immune Support. Excited about her creation and the effectiveness it had for her family, she offered her extra jars of Elderberry Syrup on Facebook, which were quickly purchased by people in her local community- leading to cars lined up at Jill’s place of residence and growing demand. 

Seeing the potential and call to help make a positive impact, Jill’s husband, Kevin, and her sister and brother-in-law, Alicia and Mike Guzzardo, joined forces to establish Rowe Casa Organics. This began a journey of deep research, learning, and development. It was essential to this team that the properties and benefits of natural ingredients used were intently and thoroughly studied and that the highest quality ingredients were sourced.  Kevin’s knowledge of shipping, warehousing, and hands-on support with starting the business helped to build the foundation of our production and fulfillment facility.

Even as the business has exponentially grown, these foundational core values have remained central to their unwavering commitment to provide safe, natural, and effective products. The heartbeat of this endeavor was to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health and wellness by offering the option of trustworthy and high-quality products.

Today, Rowe Casa Organics continues to thrive, guided by the values of transparency, quality, and customer satisfaction. 

Meet The Founders

  • Rowe Family


    Rowe Casa Organics was born in 2017 when Jill Rowe started creating all-natural remedies at home to help keep her family of five healthy. She continues to oversee product development and has a passion for consistently expanding what Rowe Casa offers. Kevin Rowe also is hands-on in supporting the mission and is always willing to give a lending hand to help serve our customers. You can find Jill in our Rowe Casa Organics VIP group on Facebook, offering education and sharing her findings along her journey for greater health.

  • Guzzardo Family


    When Jill first started creating natural home remedies, she often went to her sister Alicia with questions. Alicia’s personal experience with over 10 years of working through various health struggles with the guidance of her naturopath doctor made her perfect for these conversations. Alicia oversees our branding and customer service, and Mike serves as CEO. You can find Alicia on our Instagram account, where she is making videos and providing education, resources, and hope for those seeking greater health.

Our Ingredients

We are on a mission to provide clean, non-toxic, high quality, and completely natural and effective products. We are constantly pursuing the best ingredients found in nature along with working alongside organic chemists and third-party testers to ensure maximum potency, efficacy, and quality with every ingredient and product.

RCO Community

We have an incredible, supportive online community where people can share their stories and receive feedback and support from our team members. To this day, thousands of conversations are shared within the Rowe Casa community. We would be honored to walk alongside you on your journey towards greater health.

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