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“LOVE the elderberry and I’m using the Tiger Cream for old acne discoloration!”

-Melissa Delk

“Okay, all my Elderberry friends, I had doctor appointment yesterday. The nurse just called and my LDL (bad cholesterol) dropped from 118 to 84. The only thing I have done differently since last check is take Elderberry! Excited!”

-Paula Storey

“Got to tell my Elderberry Story. I heard good things about the product from one of our friends and decided to give it a try. I have had bad allergies for all of my adult life. I was taking two prescriptions for my allergies and breathing through my nose was impossible most days. Within 48 hours my allergies were noticeably better. I immediately quit taking both medications. One of my allergy meds was giving me reflux issues, so on suspending the allergy meds I also quit the reflux med also. I take two tablespoons first thing in the morning and can breathe easy all day long. To say that I am sold on Elderberry would be an understatement.”

-Frank Wiedemann

“Y’all seriously!! My kids were passing around the stomach flu for a week (4 days each of non stop pukes with a brand new baby at home ) and after ONE day of dosing up on the elderberry syrup everyone stopped! Zander had just started to get it and it literally stopped it right in its tracks! Even their little viral rashes went away. We have been doing an elderberry syrup we bought from amazon but this stuff is legit. The taste takes a little getting used to but they still all drink it daily. Even our 1 year old!! Can’t wait to see what a difference this will make this cold & flu season- definitely a 5 Star review!!”

-Jordan Ames

“I suffer with Fibromyalgia. I hate how the medicine doctors put you on makes me feel. I felt worse. 5 years ago I quit taking the medication and started searching for different natural ways to fight the symptoms.  When I first started with the company, I asked Jill if she had anything for pain with Fibromyalgia. Next thing I know she came up with a pain rub! It works. I work long hours and my legs and feet ache. The pain cream has been a God send. I also have trouble sleeping. I use to take ambien or lunesta until I was sleep walking one night and ended up at Wal Mart and dont remember a thing. No thank you, I wasn't gonna continue with that. I recently started using the sleep rub and I can feel my body relax into a restful sleep. I have been taking the Elderberry Syrup daily for 2 months now. I have noticed in the last few weeks how not only have I not gotten sick,  but my body feels stronger, my muscles may ache but they don't cramp like they usually do in the cold and I am not as sluggish feeling as I usually am. I started doing research on the individual ingredients and what they are used for. I became even more excited about the products. I am a sales rep now and have been getting the word out.”

-Tammy Stafford

“So my 3 year old was diagnosed with flu. I had bought elderberry that day from Kristy {sales rep} for her before I knew she had the flu.. anyways Dr gave us tamiflu and said to continue with elderberry also! Today, she is seriously 75% better! She’s eating and playing and staying hydrated and I 100%  believe it's because of the elderberry. The reason I say this is because my husband stayed home with her all day Friday and was of course exposed to the flu. He woke up this morning feeling absolutely terrible. He could barely get out of bed. I immediately have him a dose of elderberry and he has taken a dose every 3 hours. He’s not 100% better, but he has most of his energy back and managed to get out bed lol. Just thought I'd share. “


-Heidi Hamilton