Our Story

Years ago, you could find me (Jill) working with children as a speech therapist assistant

and also running my own tutoring company on the side.   At some point in my journey, I

was keenly aware, as a professional who worked with children, just how frequently most

children are sick.  I also became very burdened by how sick my own family seemed to

be, and I knew... there had to be a better way.  I was so tired of the endless doctor

visits, the prescription pill madness, and the bills piling up, despite having really great

health insurance.  I wanted to begin preventing illnesses, if there was a way.  I began

dabbling in some home remedies for my family, and much to my surprise, my family's

health improved drastically!


A friend asked me if I had heard about Elderberry Syrup.  I began researching and I

knew I had to get some!  I did not like what I saw on the ingredient list of the ones in the

stores, so making my own appeared to be the only way.  I often laugh as I think about

how long those ordered ingredients sat on my kitchen table before I actually found time

to make my first batch.  


But, that's how this whole thing started.


I did finally make my first batch, and I was so extremely excited about it.  Being the

exhilarated Facebook poster that I am, I, of course, shared it with my Facebook friends. 

It went something like this, Hey y'all! Look what I did! Have you read the benefits of this

stuff? Oh, and I have a few extra jars if anyone wants some! Let me know!


Well... 100 comments later, I knew I was on to something.  People were literally “dying”

for healthier alternatives.  So weeks later, you could find my husband and me making

huge pots of Elderberry Syrup after work, and having a dance party in the kitchen while

it cooked.  Cars would line up in our driveway and down our road during their

designated pick up times, and I was sure by now, my neighbors thought I was selling

drugs (ha-ha). 


This is how it all started.  However, what I haven't told you yet is about my beautiful and

intelligent sister who was my backbone this entire time.  Because of her own health

struggles she had to work through, with her Naturopath doctor in Dallas, TX, Alicia

became a wealth of knowledge and began guiding me at every turn with health related

issues and changes that I knew I needed to make.  


I soon began creating home remedy solutions for my family one-by-one. And, I began

offering them to the public.  My sister was so gracious to work with me on ingredients

and all the research that was going into making sure we only created the best recipes.  I

can remember sitting in her house and telling her and her husband (now our co-owner)

Mike, all about my endeavors.  They seemed to be so enamored by it all.  They guided

me, encouraged me, and helped me work through some of the inevitable business

aspects of what was happening.  


In January of 2018, I began to realize I was in over my head and was going to need

some help.

The demand for what I was creating had risen to an all-time high and I knew if I was

going to continue to help as many people as I could this was going to require a bigger

team. It was then that Mike and Alicia decided to join us on this mission to help others

and we have never looked back. Together, we’ve been able to do more, be more, and

reach more people with healthier alternatives.  Rowe Casa Organics is blessed beyond

measure with Alicia's vast health knowledge and attention to detail and Mike's genius

business skills.  Add in my excitement to spread the word and courage to go for it and

my sweet husbands work ethic, and you have the exact team only GOD could have

ordained for Rowe Casa Organics to reach just as many people as possible.  


What a journey it has been!  In our first year alone, we saw over 60 new babies

conceived from our hormone drops, took in over 14,000 orders online, and over 100

stores began selling our products all over America.  We give all the glory to God and are

so very thankful you have joined our mission.  


Blessings on You and Yours, 


The Rowes and the Guzzardos